Nightcrawler’s Self-Acceptance

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The Gradual Slip into Apathy: Technology and Fahrenheit 451

Work ended at around 5 o’clock. I slumped into my car, happy to go home to relax and write. As I drove home, a yellow light on the dashboard caught my attention. Instead of taking my usual route, I veered left on 182nd street and headed to the gas station. I pulled into the busy Shell station, second in line to fill up due to the after-work traffic. This Shell station is unlike other gas stations I’m used to, for it had small TVs atop the gas pumps, blasting out the evening news.

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Race Relations and Seinfeld: the Black-and-White Cookie

Yesterday evening, Monica and I were relaxing after a long day of new years family festivities. We sat lazily on our comfy and familiar couch, she crocheting, me reading. Our bellies had all but digested the traditional Japanese American cuisine we ate earlier. As often happens during these post-digestion lulls, I get hungry and search for snacks. Opening cupboard after cupboard, I was disappointed to find nothing that seemed particularly appetizing for my sugary mood.

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