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Nightcrawler’s Self-Acceptance

Here’s the context: After saving the universe from near destruction, the band of mutant-hero outcasts, the X-Men, return home in a blaze of triumphal exuberance. Each member celebrates in their own unique way: Storm relaxes with her botanical garden; Colossus writes home to his family in Russia; Nightcrawler jovially prepares for a date with the … Continue reading

The Gradual Slip into Apathy: Technology and Fahrenheit 451

Work ended at around 5 o’clock. I slumped into my car, happy to go home to relax and write. As I drove home, a yellow light on the dashboard caught my attention. Instead of taking my usual route, I veered left on 182nd street and headed to the gas station. I pulled into the busy … Continue reading

Race Relations and Seinfeld: the Black-and-White Cookie

Yesterday evening, Monica and I were relaxing after a long day of new years family festivities. We sat lazily on our comfy and familiar couch, she crocheting, me reading. Our bellies had all but digested the traditional Japanese American cuisine we ate earlier. As often happens during these post-digestion lulls, I get hungry and search for … Continue reading

what this blog is about…

This is a blog about my journey to live life fully. I will document two main topics: 1. my efforts to live out my dreams/goals (including but not limited to): attaining a PhD-level education (whether formally or informally), becoming internally driven (i.e., doing things such as the above bullet-point without say, the structures of the … Continue reading

10 Myths About Introverts, article from CarlKingdom.com

The following article about 10 introvert myths is from here: King, C.(23 Sept 2011). 10 myths about introverts. CarlKingdom. Retrieved from http://www.carlkingdom.com/10-myths-about-introverts. This was a thought-provoking article with great insight. I especially liked #10, as the introvert-extrovert dynamic is fraught with power relations, similar to any immigrant/minority who has been forced to assimilate to the … Continue reading

undergrad in a nut shell

this partially sums up my undergrad experience. i have 5-years of formal training and lived experience under my belt. Deutsch, B. (09 Oct 2008). White-lies. Lefty cartoons. Retrieved from http://www.leftycartoons.com/white-lies/.

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Every night before saying goodnight, my father prayed for his children to "be strong and courageous." This blog is an attempt to live up to that hope.

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