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what this blog is about…

This is a blog about my journey to live life fully. I will document two main topics:

1. my efforts to live out my dreams/goals (including but not limited to):

  • attaining a PhD-level education (whether formally or informally),
  • becoming internally driven (i.e., doing things such as the above bullet-point without say, the structures of the classroom),
  • putting my beliefs into action,
  • building community alongside my spouse;

2. the pursuit of my interests (including but not limited to):

  • reading,
  • (serious) writing,
  • thinking critically,
  • dialoguing,
  • martial art-ing,
  • creating.

Since I began my full-time job, my interests, goals, and dreams have been left unattended. While tiredness and the loss of free time are significant factors, the main reason why I do not pursue what I want to (or feel I should) do is due to my lack of accountability.

A prime example: I love reading and writing and hope to write professionally. But because I am out of school and therefore not required to read or write, I don’t. The second I open the front door, all I want to do is relax. I plump down on the couch, turn on the idiot-box, and veg out until bed-time.  “I have a job and I’m content for now,” I ration. Thus, because nothing pushes me to pursue my aforementioned goals/interests, they, like my all my other pharcyde dreams, keep passin’ me by.

So I hope you’ll join this bizarre ride with me.



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About this blog

Every night before saying goodnight, my father prayed for his children to "be strong and courageous." This blog is an attempt to live up to that hope.

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