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“Jeremy Lin ‘SNL’ Sketch Takes On Racist Linsanity Jokes”

Jeremy Lin ‘SNL’ Sketch Takes On Racist Linsanity Jokes, Media Commentary (VIDEO) SNL’s satirical commentary on the Linsanity craze. While its depiction of race relations was humorous, it played on the API community’s somewhat lack of political consciousness, representation, and voice. This skit was shown in light of ESPN’s insensitive headline towards the Knicks’ recent … Continue reading

The Struggles of Discussing Race in the Asian American Evangelical Church

Reposted at Racialicious.com and bytheirstrangefruit.blogspot.com.   Recently, while attending one of the most ethnically diverse evangelical seminaries in the nation, I found myself in an environment where I had to defend the argument that race still matters. Don’t get me wrong; students and faculty alike openly discussed ethnic and societal culture; and although all were … Continue reading

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