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Contextual Introduction: Wounded Healer, the Souls of Asian Folk, Standing on Shoulders

The introductory biography on Cheryl Lynn’s blog, Digital Femme, is quite inspiring. In admiration of her intro, here is my version: “Paul Matsushima isn’t quite sure who he is, but he’s pretty sure of what he wants to be(come). A wounded healer. The Souls of (Asian) Folk. Standing on the shoulders of giants, extraordinaire. He … Continue reading

Uncovering the Racial Themes of the X-Men: 1st Glance, Racial Justice; Double-Take, White Privilege

I originally thought this scene from an X-Men comic (circa 1981) was a great example of the internal process a white person undergoes when realizing they benefit off of white privilege. But on second thought (and with some research), I no longer think it promotes racial justice. The context: Lee Forrester, the then girlfriend of Cyclops, … Continue reading

My Homeless Experience: Street Love and Small Acts of Kindness

Written 7/21/08; Mission Year – Pauper’s Rite of Passage (PRoP) took place from 7/18 — 7/20/08 This is a true story describing my weekend long trip in Philadelphia experiencing homelessness. During the trip, all of the participants gave up money, technological gadgets, and access to hygiene. We wore used clothes from a thrift clothing store, … Continue reading

My Theological “Evolution”: Tensions, Questions, and Orson Scott Card’s Xenocide

This is a piece that explores the changes I’ve undergone in my perspectives on the Christian faith using a brief story from Orson Scott Card’s book, Xenocide. For those who have yet to discover the depth and brilliance within science fiction novels, I hope my brief analogy from the third book in OSC’s Ender series … Continue reading

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