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A Lesson for Christians from Lisa Simpson, the Activist

Many people with strong convictions can attest to a simple yet insightful fact: beliefs are double-edged. They have potential to guide to deep truth and compassion, but can also devolve into hypocrisy and self-righteousness, and thereby contradict the very values promoted in the first place. This is my story with the conservative evangelical church. Since … Continue reading

Reflections on Yang’s “Paper Tigers: What happens to all the Asian American overachievers once the test taking ends?”

Written May 12, 2011   Certain Monday nights tend to be hectic. We have monthly meetings to discuss the church’s role in our small Gardena community. After much banter and deliberation, the meeting adjourned an hour early and I was left with my own somewhat pessimistic thoughts to digest our discussion. Alone in the vacant … Continue reading

Why I am No Longer on Church Staff or in Seminary

Written January 4, 2012 as my official resignation letter from GVBC staff. After being on church staff and attending seminary for a year and a half, I decided the position and accompanying vocation was not for me. I tried to be as honest and candid as possible, for I did not want to be fake … Continue reading

The Rose that Grew from Concrete: A Church’s Call to its Neighborhood

Written July 15, 2011 during my time at GVBC as pastoral intern of neighborhood impact. This article was one of my quarterly support letters written to the congregation about my involvement on staff. My dear friend, TJ Tallie, told me after this was sent out to the church: “I love love LOVE any pastoral support … Continue reading

An Asian American Evangelical Church’s Call: Seeing the Humanity in Our (Black and Low-Income) Neighbors

I wrote this article in July 2011 for GVBC’s bi-weekly Spirit newsletter, when I was on Gardena Valley Baptist Church staff as pastoral intern of neighborhood impact. It was an attempt to help our church members begin the process of looking inward at our isms, beliefs, and values which may restrict our openness toward those … Continue reading

Am I an Atheist? Reflections on “From Minister to Atheist: A Story of Losing Faith”

Teresa MacBain, a former United Methodist minister, just “came out” as an atheist. Her story quickly went viral via NPR, gaining more than 26,000 shares on facebook. I believe this massive following of her faith struggle signals America’s deep need to address this long suppressed issue. Her bravery to discuss this shameful topic has encouraged … Continue reading

Contextual Introduction: Wounded Healer, the Souls of Asian Folk, Standing on Shoulders

The introductory biography on Cheryl Lynn’s blog, Digital Femme, is quite inspiring. In admiration of her intro, here is my version: “Paul Matsushima isn’t quite sure who he is, but he’s pretty sure of what he wants to be(come). A wounded healer. The Souls of (Asian) Folk. Standing on the shoulders of giants, extraordinaire. He … Continue reading

My Homeless Experience: Street Love and Small Acts of Kindness

Written 7/21/08; Mission Year – Pauper’s Rite of Passage (PRoP) took place from 7/18 — 7/20/08 This is a true story describing my weekend long trip in Philadelphia experiencing homelessness. During the trip, all of the participants gave up money, technological gadgets, and access to hygiene. We wore used clothes from a thrift clothing store, … Continue reading

My Theological “Evolution”: Tensions, Questions, and Orson Scott Card’s Xenocide

This is a piece that explores the changes I’ve undergone in my perspectives on the Christian faith using a brief story from Orson Scott Card’s book, Xenocide. For those who have yet to discover the depth and brilliance within science fiction novels, I hope my brief analogy from the third book in OSC’s Ender series … Continue reading

The Gradual Slip into Apathy: Technology and Fahrenheit 451

Work ended at around 5 o’clock. I slumped into my car, happy to go home to relax and write. As I drove home, a yellow light on the dashboard caught my attention. Instead of taking my usual route, I veered left on 182nd street and headed to the gas station. I pulled into the busy … Continue reading

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