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Uncovering the Racial Themes of the X-Men: 1st Glance, Racial Justice; Double-Take, White Privilege

I originally thought this scene from an X-Men comic (circa 1981) was a great example of the internal process a white person undergoes when realizing they benefit off of white privilege. But on second thought (and with some research), I no longer think it promotes racial justice. The context: Lee Forrester, the then girlfriend of Cyclops, … Continue reading

Nightcrawler’s Self-Acceptance

Here’s the context: After saving the universe from near destruction, the band of mutant-hero outcasts, the X-Men, return home in a blaze of triumphal exuberance. Each member celebrates in their own unique way: Storm relaxes with her botanical garden; Colossus writes home to his family in Russia; Nightcrawler jovially prepares for a date with the … Continue reading

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