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Reflections on Yang’s “Paper Tigers: What happens to all the Asian American overachievers once the test taking ends?”

Written May 12, 2011   Certain Monday nights tend to be hectic. We have monthly meetings to discuss the church’s role in our small Gardena community. After much banter and deliberation, the meeting adjourned an hour early and I was left with my own somewhat pessimistic thoughts to digest our discussion. Alone in the vacant … Continue reading

Why I am No Longer on Church Staff or in Seminary

Written January 4, 2012 as my official resignation letter from GVBC staff. After being on church staff and attending seminary for a year and a half, I decided the position and accompanying vocation was not for me. I tried to be as honest and candid as possible, for I did not want to be fake … Continue reading

Contextual Introduction: Wounded Healer, the Souls of Asian Folk, Standing on Shoulders

The introductory biography on Cheryl Lynn’s blog, Digital Femme, is quite inspiring. In admiration of her intro, here is my version: “Paul Matsushima isn’t quite sure who he is, but he’s pretty sure of what he wants to be(come). A wounded healer. The Souls of (Asian) Folk. Standing on the shoulders of giants, extraordinaire. He … Continue reading

Nightcrawler’s Self-Acceptance

Here’s the context: After saving the universe from near destruction, the band of mutant-hero outcasts, the X-Men, return home in a blaze of triumphal exuberance. Each member celebrates in their own unique way: Storm relaxes with her botanical garden; Colossus writes home to his family in Russia; Nightcrawler jovially prepares for a date with the … Continue reading

10 Myths About Introverts, article from CarlKingdom.com

The following article about 10 introvert myths is from here: King, C.(23 Sept 2011). 10 myths about introverts. CarlKingdom. Retrieved from http://www.carlkingdom.com/10-myths-about-introverts. This was a thought-provoking article with great insight. I especially liked #10, as the introvert-extrovert dynamic is fraught with power relations, similar to any immigrant/minority who has been forced to assimilate to the … Continue reading

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