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Seek Justice: A Chinese and Japanese American Christian Response to Social Justice

Written May 2009 as my final thesis for my Bachelors of Arts in Asian American Studies at San Francisco State University.   Abstract This article examines how Asian American Christians in Los Angeles County have applied their faith to social justice. Using literature-based research and interviews with 16 Chinese and Japanese American Christians, the author … Continue reading

Uncovering the Racial Themes of the X-Men: 1st Glance, Racial Justice; Double-Take, White Privilege

I originally thought this scene from an X-Men comic (circa 1981) was a great example of the internal process a white person undergoes when realizing they benefit off of white privilege. But on second thought (and with some research), I no longer think it promotes racial justice. The context: Lee Forrester, the then girlfriend of Cyclops, … Continue reading

The Struggles of Discussing Race in the Asian American Evangelical Church

Reposted at Racialicious.com and bytheirstrangefruit.blogspot.com.   Recently, while attending one of the most ethnically diverse evangelical seminaries in the nation, I found myself in an environment where I had to defend the argument that race still matters. Don’t get me wrong; students and faculty alike openly discussed ethnic and societal culture; and although all were … Continue reading

Race Relations and Seinfeld: the Black-and-White Cookie

Yesterday evening, Monica and I were relaxing after a long day of new years family festivities. We sat lazily on our comfy and familiar couch, she crocheting, me reading. Our bellies had all but digested the traditional Japanese American cuisine we ate earlier. As often happens during these post-digestion lulls, I get hungry and search for … Continue reading

undergrad in a nut shell

this partially sums up my undergrad experience. i have 5-years of formal training and lived experience under my belt. Deutsch, B. (09 Oct 2008). White-lies. Lefty cartoons. Retrieved from http://www.leftycartoons.com/white-lies/.

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